Maria Fragkoudaki

Frangoudakis’ artwork is aimed at both private and corporate art collections, gaining increasing interest in Greece and abroad. By its technique it abolishes the original properties of matter and paint to create new forms.

She likes to balance between two different elements, often contradictory: double faces, two colors, double meanings, and so on, and examine how one substance interacts with the other. Thus, through bold combinations, an introduction to the new and the unknown is opened.

An artist, painter and performer, she has kept her basic studio in Chelsea, New York since 2012. She was born in 1983 in Athens.

Her creations have been exhibited as individual and group exhibitions in Europe, America and Japan, including the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, FORM / Less at the Jewish Museum of Greece, Scope Miami, Scope Basel, ArtParis as well as Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina and the Goulandris Museum of Natural History.

She has a postgraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of London, and has completed three art residencies at the University of Visual Arts in New York. She has worked alongside Donald Sheridan, master printer of Andy Warhol, and alongside artist Andrew Ginzel.

Many of her pieces are in international private and corporate collections. In 2017 two large-scale projects were placed at Google Inc.'s headquarters in New York.

Discover more about the artist and her work at and on instagram @mariafragoudaki.